Ros Project Barcelona’s methodology consists on blending analysis, technology, engineering and functional creativity in a project development.

At Ros Project Barcelona we believe that softwares are important tools but useless without a wide technical background, therefore the company takes care of the professional training of its employees. Complementary competences and an interdisciplinary approach make every member of the team complete and ready to take any technical challenge for our clients. Our work force, made by engineers, technical draftsmen and designers, is highly prepared to allow full advantage of the softwares required to perform every work activity.

What do we do

Design performs style, creativity and technical feasibility in order to generate beautiful and producible solutions. Our company combines design, the designer's own technical knowledge and innovation to generate advanced products with high technical and formal contents.

Engineering is our core business. Research supports innovation and future tendencies, style defines shapes, and engineering develops the project in detail. Our working method is based on determining a project in all his aspects so that an initial idea becomes a final product. Our synergistic and integrated work system allows us to have a complete control on time, cost and global quality of the project itself.

Our company can provide all the activities described for all the main groups, subgroups and components of the vehicle (body and trims):

  • Body in white: body, chassis, moving parts, frames, door carrier locks, door hinges, etc.
  • Interior trims: dashboard, door panels, cabinet tunnels, aesthetic trims, pillar covers, sill plate, imperial, seats, carpets and insulation, hat, interior handles, sun visors, lights, interior mirrors, etc.
  • External trims: bumper, radiator grille, exterior mouldings, side skirts, lokary, plate, etc.
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